Craig Duff - Director

Craig left secondary school following education to “A” Bursary level and scholarship in three subjects. He then undertook a refrigeration apprenticeship involving work from domestic through to industrial and marine refrigeration. He also completed his NZCE (HVAC) prior to becoming a qualified tradesman in refrigeration to advanced trade level. Craig completed his engineering degree in mechanical engineering gaining first class honours and seven scholarships during the university period. Following graduation Craig’s focus remained in industrial refrigeration plant design and project management. He was promoted to National Service Manager also gaining executive level in management. Craig started Active Refrigeration Limited together with Graeme Green during January 2000 with a continued focus in commercial and industrial refrigeration. Craig has since been awarded the prestigious Ian Syminton Design Prize which is voted upon by industry peers. Craig has also been nominated and presented fellowship membership status with industry body IRHACE. Craig's areas of expertise are industrial refrigeration service and design, energy efficiency, heat recovery, conceptual and detailed design, project management, project costing, plant selection, optimisation and high temperature heat pumps.

Email: craig@activerefrig.co.nz

Graeme Green - Director

Graeme completed secondary school to University entrance in 5 subjects. He then commenced a refrigeration engineering apprenticeship with Ellis Hardie Syminton. During this apprenticeship he gained experience in all areas of refrigeration from domestic through large commercial and industrial systems. He completed trade qualification to advanced trade certificate. On completion of his apprenticeship, Graeme transferred to the products division and became involved in system design, equipment manufacture and project management. During his 16 years with EHS/APV, Graeme progressed to South Island Service Manager covering two branches and all service, maintenance and freon installation. Graeme moved to a new company and was promoted to National Service Manager and then moved to Australia to a role of General Manager being overall responsible for the developing of the company’s business in Australia. Graeme and Craig formed Active Refrigeration Limited in January 2000 with a focus on commercial and industrial refrigeration. Graeme specialises in commercial and industrial refrigeration service and design, commercial air conditioning systems, preventative maintenance programmes, company management, project management, plant selection, system upgrades and energy audits.

Email: graeme@activerefrig.co.nz

Brent Long - Service Manager

Brent left secondary school at the completion of his sixth form year. He then commenced to a refrigeration and air conditioning apprenticeship with Ellis Hardie Syminton (APV) in Christchurch achieving trade certificate and advanced trade certificate. His background and experience is industrial ammonia and freon plant, commercial systems, air conditioning, compressor overhauls, marine applications and plant appraisals. Brent is experienced in the installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance and design of a comprehensive range of applications in the refrigeration industry. After completing his apprenticeship, Brent progressed to a sales engineer's role and was responsible for the design, selection and applications of the Danfoss refrigeration valving and componentry range. In 2001 Brent joined Active Refrigeration Ltd as the Service Supervisor and completed a National Diploma in Business Management. Brent’s areas of expertise are industrial and commercial refrigeration service and design, commercial air conditioning service and design, plant maintenance and management, compressor overhauls, heat recovery, project management, plant appraisals and audits.

Email: brent@activerefrig.co.nz

Jared Bright - Project Engineer

Jared has worked in the refrigeration Industry for 20 years and joined Active Refrigeration in 2002. Jared holds his refrigeration and air conditioning trade certificate and his limited electrical licence. Since joining Active Refrigeration, Jared has been involved heavily with the industrial refrigeration side of the business, initially in a service and commissioning capacity before moving into a design and project management role. This experience has seen Jared involved in many large installations both around New Zealand and internationally. Jared’s training whilst working at Active Refrigeration has extended to include project management and health & safety from which he has been key to setting up and implementing structures taking the company to operate at Tertiary ACC WSMP level. He has also completed training in Bentley Autopipe software enabling him to carry out stress analysis of new piping systems for design verification purposes. Currently Jared works in the Christchurch office and is responsible for the design and project management of large installations around the South Island. Jared specialises in industrial refrigeration design, autocad drafting, autopipe stress analysis, conceptual and detailed design, project management along with health and safety.

Email: jared@activerefrig.co.nz




Phil Cunninghame - Director

Phil has 30+ years’ experience with a passion for making refrigeration systems operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Leading the Auckland and lower North Island Service teams his quest is simple - to enhance our customers plants and provide savings through the correct application of thermodynamic facts and experience with integrity. IQP registered for emergency warning systems – Hazardous, a Member of both IIAR (International Institute of ammonia refrigeration), and IRHACE (Institute of refrigeration, heating & air conditioning engineers Inc) helps keep Phil abreast of the exciting energy efficient alternatives to contemporary refrigeration and process cooling solutions.

Email: phil@activerefrig.co.nz



Reinhard Wirtenberger - Director 

Reinhard completed his refrigeration trade cert with Sabore Refrigeration in Austria and continued working as a service technician across Austria, Germany and the UK with York International. In 2000 Reinhard completed a two year full time master’s diploma in refrigeration design & engineering at the university of Frankfurt, Germany. His previous roles have provided endless opportunities from service supervisory, service manager, operations manager, business development manager and general manager roles across the various refrigeration services & contracting divisions in NZ, Australia, Europe and Central America. 22 years on, while still "hands on" the tools from time to time, Reinhard's main focus is the North Islands business contracting growth as well as the day to day commercial aspects of the North Island & Bay of Plenty entities.

Email: reinhard@activerefrig.co.nz




Martin Duff - Director

Martin brings over 18 years’ experience to the Northland Branch – Martin started his career in the industry with the bar raised high from his brother, Craig Duff and father Wayne Duff. Martin was awarded full trade certificate in early 2002, then went on to complete his full electrical registration and in 2007 was awarded trade certificate in electrical engineering level 4. It didn’t stop here for Martin, he went on and continued his training and understanding of industry engineering standards, design specifications, ventilation and air conditioning systems, project designs, compliance, tendering and installations. Martin was awarded with the IHRACE Wallie Askew Memorial work skills champion honour in the year 2000 and is IQP registered. Martin’s areas of expertise is HVAC system design, refrigeration system design, dairy farm refrigeration, technical support, electrical controls and system wiring, project management and health and safety.

Email: martin@activerefrig.co.nz




Scott Macefield - Director

Scott completed his apprenticeship in Christchurch in 2002. He worked as a service engineer at Active Refrigeration until he left for England in 2004 where he gained further experience in the trade. He returned to New Zealand, and in 2008 set up his own refrigeration and air conditioning business in Tauranga (Subzero Refrigeration). The business was very successful and continued to operate until it was purchased by Active Refrigeration in 2015, where Scott continues to manage the Bay of Plenty and Waikato Branch.

Email: scott@activerefrig.co.nz




Tom Flynn - Director

Tom has over 30 years’ experience in refrigeration engineering.  The last 25 years have been specialising in industrial refrigeration.  Tom is trade qualified, holds his limited electrical licence and is IQP registered.  Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to the team having worked extensively on refrigeration plant in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia and American Samoa. Tom has been based in Timaru for fifteen years serving the South Canterbury Region in industrial refrigeration and recently he has lead the expansion of Active Refrigeration branches in Dunedin and Invercargill. Tom together with Sarah Flynn, Craig Duff and Graeme Green started Active Refrigeration South Canterbury in April 2008. Tom’s areas of expertise are industrial and marine refrigeration installation and service, air conditioning systems, preventative maintenance programmes, plant safety, efficient plant solutions, bulk potato storage (IVI agent), energy management and ammonia safety. 

 Email:  tom@activerefrig.co.nz

Sarah Flynn - Director

Sarah started as a foundation director with Active Refrigeration South Canterbury Ltd based in Timaru in April 2008. Sarah has lead the local team on aspects of health and safety, ammonia safety audits, human resources, vendor relationships and communication, contractor inductions, staff training and administration.  Sarah’s vision for the Active Refrigeration team is we are not just a vendor but we are your partners in refrigeration solutions, innovation, asset management, energy efficiency, safe work places and reliable plant.

Email:  sarah@activerefrig.co.nz




Grant Dewson - Service Manager

Grant has been involved in the Refrigeration industry for over 30 years first in the meat industry in Invercargill and then as refrigeration engineer and later progressed to chief engineer for Sanfords in Nelson. From there Grant held area manager roles within various refrigeration companies with the focus being on building a strong industrial refrigeration client base in the top of the South Island. The last 6.5 years have been in a similar role for Active Refrigeration with responsibilities for Nelson and the top of the south. This is a hands on role with his time split between management and on the tools when required to assist the local team of dedicated engineers.

Email: grant@activerefrig.co.nz

John Phibbs - Service Manager

John started his apprenticeship at local Blenheim multi-faceted engineering company in 1984. Working in the refrigeration department John worked on a wide variety of equipment from domestic refrigeration and appliances through to light industrial plant. Having completed his apprenticeship and staying another year John moved to another well respected Refrigeration company as a service engineer. The majority of work was commercial refrigeration with the likes of supermarket, dairy farm and cold storage. In 1995 John progressed to a service manager role and ran a large team of engineers carrying out commercial and industrial refrigeration. In 2005 John changed focus and headed up the sales and design operation with a particular emphasis on air conditioning, ventilation and commercial refrigeration. Active Refrigeration Marlborough commenced operation in 2010 and John returned to his passion of industrial refrigeration. John runs our Blenheim operation and with the Marlborough region being the largest wine producer in the country, the majority of work is winery based. Active Refrigeration have the market share of the winery refrigeration in the region but with Marlborough having such a diverse economy all work is undertaken including freezing works, mussel processors, fruit growers and dairy to name a few. All the Blenheim team is multi-talented and can undertake all manner of refrigeration from the smallest domestic heat pump to the largest of industrial plant. After 32 years in the trade John's passion for the industry and commitment to service is still very strong.

Email: john@activerefrig.co.nz