“The Judges at the 2016 ECCA awards said: “A combination of intelligent engineering and practical application has achieved massive energy savings. An excellent project that uses outstanding innovation”

We are committed to minimise our impact on the environment and global warming by continually minimising our environmental impacts. We are committed to using natural refrigerants wherever possible and managing the use of global warming potential refrigerants to minimise the quantity stored and prevent any leakage or release to the environment.

Active Refrigeration Limited are New Zealand’s first company to receive ISO 14001 accreditation to the 2015 standard. Every one of our facilities is periodically audited by a third party expert for environmental compliance. In addition to this, we have an extensive Environmental Management plan that includes jobsite environmental planning, hazardous waste management and disposal, emergency response planning, good housekeeping and other environmental matters.

Another recent success in sustainability was winning the Innovation category for the 2016 EECA Awards.  The particular award for generating hot water at over 830% efficiency is but one of Active Refrigerations innovative concepts using otherwise wasted heat from a primary refrigeration plant to produce magnitudes of water at a usable industry temperature and quality.

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